Tuesday, 26 August 2014


LITERALLY, it has been ages since I came back from my magical trip to India. As the weather in Holland is so depressing, I can't stop looking at my holiday photos. We took so many photos, that is it impossible to pick some and show them to you. So these few ones are just to give you an impression. India always have been a dream to me. And now, after all, I am dreaming again. Wish I could go back, for some days. All the colours, the lovely people and happiness all around you. Wouldn't say that life is so much better there, but I guess. People are happy with what they have. In this crazy western world no one is actually happy. It's never enough. But you should be more than happy with everything you have. I know this has nothing to do with fashion, as my blog is about that. But I use my blog as a diary, and this trip is one of the most important things of my life. This can't miss. Let me know what you think of these pictures. Ever visited India? What are your experiences? These photos are taken with my new camera, more than happy with the result! 

Saturday, 23 August 2014


GREAT, finally weekend after a long week of hard work. But hard work pays off. It's done. Couldn't be more happy with the end result. Now it's feels like an empty kind of showroom, so it's time for some real decoration. Today I will spend my day in bed, with my laptop, looking for inspiration. When I have enough energy, I will jump out of my bed, to start with some work. Because there is still a lot of work to do. First I wanted to show you this. In love with these photos of Natasha Poly. It's like a piece of art. The lines in the clothes, her face and her body. I am always more attracted by photography when there is something like art or architecture in it. Think I will just print these, and hang them on my wall for the moment. Do you have some nice plans for this weekend? Will there be finally some sun again? This shitty summer is pissing me off! Enjoy your weekend! See you soon.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


KIND of inspired through working on my interior. Seems to be strange to get inspiration out of painting and that sort of stuff. But for me it works. Went to several do it yourself stores last week and some interior and design shops. Full of inspiration now. We're working very hard, and you can already see a lot of differences.  Can't wait to finish so I can start with the real decoration. Finally time to give all my purchases from Paris a place. Love to unpack and unbox new stuff. Unfortunately there is not a lot of time to blog now, but I can still combine it. Hope it will still work out when my study is starting in September. We will find out. How are you by the way? Feel like I've missed something! Just tell me what you are doing now, also redecorating your home? Let me know!
Photos Pinterest and Sabrina Meijer

Monday, 18 August 2014


MONDAY morning came too soon, it's enterring my forgotten room. When I opened my windows, all I could see was rain. A waterfall of teardrops coming out of the sky. How lovely is this summer right?! Wish I was hanging on a beach somewhere on a beautiful island. What the hell am I doing here? Well I know. Being happy with my friends and family around me. As I was spending the weekend alone, I do realise how good it is to be with the people you love. In Paris, I was always alone, but never felt it that way. Now I am blessed with the amazing people around me, so never leave me alone. Woke up with this stunning H&M studio lookbook. I am kind of disappointed of all the latest regular collections. But this studio line is actually surprising me. Are we back on track again? Let's face it. Enjoy your Monday guys. Gotta work on my forgotten room. And after, maybe some online shopping ?
H&M studio '14/'15

Friday, 15 August 2014


MORNING! Or should I say afternoon already? As I am off all day long, I don't even know about the time. Finally time to work on my room. Covered in old clothes I am turning my old room in something way more nicer. Can't wait to see the result. Doing everything by my own, so I can use some help actually ! No, I love to do this by myself. I know exactly what I want. It's going to be white with some grey. Very minimal, and clean. It needs to be that, so I can fully concentrate on my study.  When it's ready, I will show you the result of course. I am off now, lot's of work is waiting for me. Have a nice weekend everyone. I will be back on Monday I guess. No time to blog!