Friday, 24 June 2016


I'm spending more and more time at the beauty department since I've been watching youtube videos from Glossier. It does work! In the beginning, I didn't like watching videos from girls doing their daily makeup routine, but it's so addictive. Don't know why, but it helped me being more interested in this stuff. I've been using the P-CL-E cream for a year now and I can say that I think it really helps improving my skin condition. I don't use it as an everyday creme, since the cream is quite oily. I just use it when I think my skin needs some extra care. When I do need some oil, I use this Hema skin oil to just oil up some dry skin. Sometimes I just it also for my nails when they can need some extra help. Like after painting and contructing the house, my hands where looking so terribly ugly. Last week, I've found out this CC cream, also by Biodermal. It was 50% discount at out local drugstore, and I was in need of a new BB cream. I always used one of L'oréal Paris, but it was time to try out something else. So now I have been using this CC cream for a few days, and it makes my skin look more natural. When applying it, I don't have the idea that it makes me feel more pretty, but after some makeup, the final result is really good. Oh and sometimes, when I am in a good mood and when I want my skin to glow, I use a beauty balm by Clarins. The smell is just so good, that I actually want to wear it every day. Also, the balm makes sure your makeup better sticks. Last but not least, a miccelair water by Bioderma. I use this two times a day, and it's the only 'makeup remover' which suits my sensitive skin. What are your fav beauty products at the moment? Let me know !

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Just enjoyed an amazing first weekend in our new neighbourhood. The area where our new house is, is just perfect. There are a few super cool hotspots and it's just so pretty everywhere you look. Saturday we've met all our neighbours and got the chance to see their lofts. Everyone had put so much effort to make it a beautiful place. I had so much inspiration at the end of the day. Thinking about photographing their interiors and add a little interview. Would you like to see it? I've been wearing these bad ass sneakers very often. First, I was a little bit scared to wear them as they look like little monsters and not female-proof at all, but I am addicted. They fit so good and it feels like you're walking on clouds.

Thursday, 16 June 2016


It truly feels like ages ago and in fact it is just two months of total silence. I haven't been blogging for these 8 weeks and I missed it so hard. The reason is that I was so busy with the loft. A few weeks ago we received the keys of our new appartment and it has al to do with decorating, hard working and much more. Although, I have been thinking about some content and I felt like I had to bring this to another level. So, in a few weeks, this blog will be back, but with another look, other content and maybe  I will start creating video's. So fun things are coming, that's for sure. This feels like a new start to me. I have never been feeling better than how I feel at the moment. I did discovered an amazing face mask by Maybeauty which gave my face a total improvement. After using it the first time, my skin felt more energetic, fresh and clean. I said goodbye to blackheads, dead skin and my shiny forehead. You can try this out now with 30% discount when using the code: fashionhookmask30.

Sunday, 17 April 2016


I am over the moon with this prettttty one hanging on my shoulder. Finally made the decision to buy the trio bag. I have been dreaming about owning this bag for ages and now it's mine. A big fat cross on one of the items of my never ending wishlist. There are many more to come. I knew I would love to have the beige one, because I wear a lot of dark colours. This pops out a bit. Only taking her with me to dinners in town and little party's without drunk people around me. So scared someone will hurt her. Have a nice Sunday all, I am truly enjoying my last study day for now. Bye.

Thursday, 14 April 2016


Since 5 weeks, I completely changed my lifestyle. Together with a friend, we started the Bikini Body Guide workouts with Kayla Itsines. You know, that way to pretty girl who works out 24/7 to get in shape. I try to workout at least 2 a 3 times a week. Sometimes I don't have enough time and I need to skip some. But since I started, I feel so much better. Yesterday evening we did week 6 and it was really heavy. They say the first 5 weeks are just a warming up for what's coming later. Besides the working out, I am also taking care of my consummation. Healthy and delicious breakfast which I would love to eat also as snack, lunch and dinner. Just tried to made myself an Açai bowl and it was so good. Just like how you get it when order it in a restaurant. Gonna make this myself once a week, as it is full of vitamines. What's your workout regime? Do you also use Kayla?
Oh and the recipe for the Açai bowl: put two frozen bananas in the blender together with 200 gram frozen Açai and 300 ml almond milk. After blending, add some fruit of your choise and some homemade granola (or sugerfree other granola). Enjoy!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


I got some big news to share with you guys (!!!) Last Friday, we bought our own house and I still can't believe it. It is such a big step in our life and it feels like one big adventure. I really have to pinch myself many times a day to check if I am not dreaming. The coming weeks are going to be really excited. We bought a Loft, with beautiful wooden ceilings, a concrete floor and many windows. It is going to be a perfect house and I can't wait to design everything. First we need to sign a lot of papers before it is actually ours. Do you know someone who is owning a Loft? Because it is going to be quite a challenge. Where to sleep? Where to put our clothes, etc. Help me out!