Wednesday, 25 February 2015


EVERYWHERE you look, there is food. Everywhere you smell, there is food. Thailand is one big food orgy and there is enough to eat and to try. For me as a big lover of all this, it was a perfect trip to take as much as I could. There are millions of little foodstands where you can take away some small things like spring rolls and gamba's. Also there is fried rice and noodles at every corner. I've tried out some fresh fish from the BBQ, little shells and even oysters. Oh how I love this country. I have to admit that I was avoiding the Thai food a bit. Sushi and french fries were also nice after two weeks of the same. Hope you will like this diary.

Sunday, 22 February 2015


WELL HELLO. I am so so so sorry for my laziness on the blog. But I have a good excuse though. Thailand has been great to me. Oh la la. What a perfect getaway. Almost three weeks in a total different country has given me so much new energy. It was well deserved I guess. I have been travelling around with my boyfriend and we saw so many nice things. The south of Thailand was breathtaking beautiful. Never saw such nice beaches before. White powder sand and a clear blue sea, surrounded by palm threes and nothing else. Wish I could stay there forever.

Saturday, 31 January 2015


SEVERAL times I told you about that god damn burger. Finally on the blog, the hotspot in town. Ter Marsch & Co opened a few months ago at the Witte de With, the nicest street in Rotterdam. As I was there last weekend, I thought it would be a nice idea to share this place with you. My uncle is one of the founders and I am kind of proud of that. It's a small cosy restaurant where you can have the best burger of course. You should also try out the cheese as a starter or together with a delicious wine. If you like truffle, good wine and bear, the best meat and french fries as much as I do, just try everything out! And not unimportant, the price is friendly.


Thursday, 29 January 2015


CAN you imagine the too hot white sands under your bare feet. Or your salty long hair drying on your shoulders after a dive in a deep blue ocean? The sun burning on your winter white skin, while dreaming away on your beach bed? I am not sorry for talking about this again. But it feels so good to leave this cold snowy country in already 4 days. I am so ready for you Thailand. I have been missing you. Can't wait to enjoy you to the fullest. Be right back! Oh and before I forget, I have seen some great tricks how to avoid wrinkly clothes after unpacking your suitcase or whatever. Roll your clothes in stead of a perfect staple. I will try it out coming week.

Monday, 26 January 2015


WELL WELL WELL, another food related update here on the blog. It has been two months since I started eating healthy. Which means, drinking lot's of water to hydrate my skin and body. Trying to drink fruit and vegetable juices regularly and no sugar. I am feeling great and asking myself sometimes why I didn't started earlier with this way of living. My skin is REALLY looking better. Less impurities and more plain. This was something I was craving for. No cream can do it better actually. When in restaurants, I am always such a sucker. It can happen I will eat more then I allow myself. Let's blame it on the interior, the presentation of the food and the handsome boys, haha. This weekend I went out to eat the best burger in town. Secretly I have been trying this burger out for already hundred times. SSSTT.

Friday, 23 January 2015


WELCOME home to my new sunnies. I have been craving over these for months. Never ever presented myself nice sunglasses, so I guess it was the time now. It feels like I am ready to go on the backpack adventure. I haven't even finished my exams, but I think I gotta let that go. We will always have the second round to make it happen. Today and this weekend will be full with study. Hopefully I can get myself to that. What are you going to do? And what's your favourite pair of sunnies? Think I am going to start a new addiction. So let me know!