Friday, 9 October 2015


THERE must be a little angel on the top of my left shoulder. My mailbox is exploding of pretty deliveries and I don't mind at all. Never ever wore a watch, for as long as I can remember. Always use my Iphone to check the time, but not any longer. This pretty babe came in last week and it already became an everyday essential. Just discovered I forgot it at home and it definitely feels like there is something missing. It is also an accessory to finish your look. Thank you so much Prisma for this lovely present.

Monday, 5 October 2015


UNFORTUNATELY no Indian summer for us this year. Normally we're lucky enough to spend the end of the summer with some nice sun rays, now we're covered up in knits and jackets already. Especially the mornings are starting cold, so I love to start the day with a hot cup of coffee. One plus about this weather is that I can wear my new items already. The Isabel Marant sneakers are my favourite. Have been wearing them the whole week. These photos are from last week when I was invited for a breakfast at a cute little fashion store in Rotterdam. We had a presentation about Samsoe&Samsoe and could eat whatever we wanted. You should pay a visit to Louen whenever you're in town. It's worth it. They also sell Lovestoriesintimates which makes it very interesting for me. How was your weekend?

Thursday, 1 October 2015


OH LA LA, feels like I landed in heaven after I've received a huge package of Mytheresa last weekend. Wrapped up with a satin ribbon, inspiration lookbooks and many more made it all a little bit special. A pink box with those magical letters screaming at me. Couldn't wait no longer and opened it as soon as I could. The beautiful black leather ankle boots were inside. These shoes are going to be my lifesafers. Whenever I will be standing in front of my closet not knowing what to wear, I will just pick these. They go along with everything. This may be the best basic buy I ever did. So happy with them. Think Acne Studios is going to be my fav brand. Bought something else from Acne too, will show it soon!

Monday, 28 September 2015


COCKY, is the first word or description you will say when you think of me. I am so sure about this, definitely for the people around me. I always think I am right and I do things a different way then you will. But I do these things with passion and I will go for it for 100 %. So I made a decision. You all know I won that huge amount of shopping money. A little enquĂȘte on Instagram pointed out that I had to go for a bag. And I did't. Come back soon to see what I bought. Tonight the package will arrive!

Thursday, 24 September 2015


 OK, pinch me in my face as hard as you can. Something happened to me yesterday eve right after I got home from a terible day. Yes it was that kind of day at my internship. No more words about that. So, I got home and all of a sudden my phone exploded. After ten minutes of a huge shock, I realised I wasn't dreaming. I won €1000 euro to spend at Mytheresa, a designer heaven! 'Oh my god', was all I could say for the following 4 hours. I've spend the whole evening on the web, because what to choose? It is impossible to make the right decision. Shall I opt for whole new wardrobe consisting Isabel Marant, Acne etc. Or shall I pick one hell of a bag? Maybe Chloe or Saint Laurant? Help me out! Oh and don't laugh at me regarding the photo. It was my first ever 'photoshop' creation. I just added the earring on the model, that's it. But it made me help winning I think;)

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


LAST weekend I really had to do some serious shopping. I already ordered myself some fresh autumn wear because hell no, where is our beloved Indian summer?  And I love to spend my money on things right where I can see it ( in my closet, duh ). So I went for this knit and a green leather dress which I really love. The weather turned out to be quit good Saturday, so I could wear this look with bare less because I HATE tights. Never saw something so ugly before ( besides Crocs and Uggs ). I've spend the whole Saturday on my study and preparations for work. Got so much work to do nowadays as I am a teacher in French in Highschool. Work work work. But hard work pays off they say?! Saturday afternoon I went for a stroll with my bff. We bought beautiful flowers at the market, we had a huge cappuccino and a perfect Italian dinner afterwards. Love my weekends like this. What have you been doing? And already working on your autumn/winter collection?

Friday, 18 September 2015


LAST week we've already discussed how to let go of your electrical devices during your holiday. Today we will go deeper on that point and see what we can do to get most out of your holiday. For most of us, it's the ultimate way to relax. But how to relax to the max without worrying about other things. 
  • Make sure you'll finish all your work before leaving. There is no better feeling than leaving your office at least two days before heading on holiday with a clear desk. Don't forget to clean your office and get rid of mess.
  • Take at least one, but preferably two days off before leaving. In that time you can do your laundry, go to the hairdressers, clean your house etc. No stress in the last hours, just a chill way to go on holiday.
  • Book a peacefull apartment for you and your hubby in a calm and nice place. I Prefer apartments, so I can eat at restaurants all day long. Check foursquare for the best places around you.
  • Leave everything at home. With everything I mean your stress, problems, issues and all other negativity's. Your holiday is to recharge, to let go off things and to move on.
  • Make fun! Do what you want, discover new places, rent a scooter, do some sightseeing or do absolutely nothing. It's up to you. Do what makes you happy.
So when is your next holiday? Already planning for coming summer, or maybe even faster? Holidays are for me an ultimate time to leave everything behind for a little. Unfortunately it always goes to fast and now we're back in a world full of stress and workaholics.