Monday, 29 September 2014


FINALLY. Some new fresh photos here on the blog. Has been ages, I know. But I was actually more into the fashion week madness in the four big capital cities, that I totally forgot about myself. Not that that matters. But just for you to know. Wish I was in Paris right now. Wish I was crossing on my bike through Saint Germain, eating white chocolate icecream at île Saint Louis. Nipping some white wine in the Marais after a nice Sunday afternoon stroll. Yes I miss Paris, a lot. Can't wait to take the train to my love. Today I have an exciting job interview in Amsterdam. So keep your fingers crossed, I want the job so badly. I am going to prepare myself now. I will take my camera with me today, so I can take some nice shots of pretty Amsterdam. Enjoy your Monday!

Saturday, 27 September 2014


EXCUSE ME, for the radio silence on my blog lately. Looks like my life is complete at the moment. Happiness is all around me. I don't even had time to write here in my online diary. So dear diary, I am so sorry. Have you ever feel so touched, that it feels like all of you inside your body is alive. One single smile, touch or word makes me feel living. Hundred of worms are becoming butterflies. Yes, I think I am in love. ( don't tell anyone about it , it's a secret ) Everything is going well nowadays. Work, school, my internship. All the pieces fall together. I already have to go now, try to shoot some photos for the blog today, if there is time. Enjoy your weekend! Before you know it's Monday again..

Monday, 22 September 2014


OK I am dying from enthusiasm. What about these pink cotton candy sneakers? Since I saw the Chanel sneakers at the show in February, I loved them from the very first second. Now there are many many different kind of in all possible colours. It's perfection and love at the first sight. Think these shoes are an amazing musthave this month during Fashion Week. They are stylish, eye catching and walk like heaven. Isn't that all we need when we run from show to show and when posing for hundreds of camera's the whole day? Sounds good right? Try to get them on time before Paris ! For me they end on my never ending wishlist. My birthday is in one month, someone maybe?! What do you think about this Chanel candy? You like them?
Photo by Collage Vintage

Friday, 19 September 2014


MILAN baby. All the fashionista's, photographers and bloggers are in Italy right now. Sometimes I wish I could be there. I am so busy at the moment with school and my internship. It actually just started, but it feels like I have been working my ass off. Feel so sorry for my online diary. I simply don't have the time to write down my feelings and experiences. I don't even have time to read other blogs. How busy I am, no matter what, I always keep on reading all the other blogs in the world. Just a bit stressy, but I will all be ok. It also feels like everything falls into pieces now. Think my life is as it have to be right now. Having a inimini job, an internship, my study is going more then perfect, etc etc etc. OK, and I met someone. This will always stay a diary and in a diary you also tell love stories. Gotta keep this for later. For now, enjoy my favourite shots from Milan fashion week day one.
Photos by Collagevintage and Sandra Semburg

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


1:00 p.m.: First Date at the Café de Flore
She picks up the menu. Each time, the same thought crosses her mind: In her hands, this is more of a geographical map, an intimate and chaotic path through the jungle of her culinary neuroses, than a restaurant menu. She will have to battle her way without stumbling, and without looking like she’s asking herself too many questions.
Smoked salmon
No, wrong choice. She’ll just end up using the salmon as a pretext for eating all the blinis and crème fraîche. Her greed could end up on her hips.
Does this man sitting across from her realize how difficult it is to be a woman in this city? Probably not. But she doesn’t want to judge him too quickly.
Haricots verts salad
The problem with a first date is that her every gesture will take on a particular meaning. He’s watching her as if he’s filming her, recording her movements forever: the way in which she loses her phone in her large handbag, and that message on her voice mail she can’t help listening to in front of him. He is analyzing her. Disorganized, a tad nervous, compulsively sociable. One day, later on, he will find out that she weighs herself every morning, but for now, he must believe that her figure is simply nature’s gift. Better to choose a real dish, giving him the hackneyed image of a bon vivant and letting him believe that this is her approach to all the great pleasures of life.
Warm duck confit?
Her finger, somewhat nervously, scrawls down several lines on this damned menu. The waiter is coming over, and she knows she will have to come to a decision. And so she figures she will brave the danger with an act of courage. She will choose something adventurous:
Welsh rarebit,” she says.
She reads out the foreign words so casually you’d think she’d done it a hundred times before. The man opposite her looks up, surprised, and she savors the effect. Of course, she has no idea what she’s just ordered. On the menu, in small print, it says: “a specialty made from cheddar, beer, and toast.” Inwardly she smiles: inedible. No matter, she will talk enough for him not to notice that she’s ignoring her plate. The waiter then turns to the man.
I’ll have the same, please,” he says.
In a flash, the whole scene crumbles. A sheep, a follower. Suddenly she realizes that his conversation has been peppered with banalities for the past half hour. She now knows she’ll eat two bites, then find a reason to leave before the hour is up. And she will never see him again. Adieu.

Pick up your own book at Colette in Paris coming week, when you are lucky enough you can even meet this amazing person. I admire her, she is my inspiration. Malheureusement, I don't live in Paris anymore, should get it from Amazon then. 
P.S. she is so nice that she even posted two comments on my Instagram account last week. You gotta love her and her book!

Caroline de Maigret